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Are you ready to grow your business, share your expertise and your story and get media coverage? The Media Insiders is the answer.

Your business & life can change for the better if you’re featured on TV, radio, Online, Podcasts, newspapers & across other media platforms.

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Learn how to make that happen from Emmy Award Winning Journalists turned PR Pros who have placed clients on national outlets.

One of the main reasons people don’t get media coverage is their pitch just isn’t very good - and they don’t even know it. Or they send it to the wrong outlet, reporter or producer.

Many people give up and never get the coverage they deserve.

There is a better way - with The Media Insiders. Their six-step process will teach you tricks, tips and tools you need to get the coverage you want, and one-on-one coaching from two Emmy award-winning journalists.

As former TV reporters, Diane White and Deborah Sherman received thousands of pitches over the years. They will teach you what gets attention and what gets deleted.

Deborah and Diane’s Media Insiders Fast Track Program includes six modules to teach you to pitch like a pro. From developing your pitch and media tool kit to creating a media list and a plan for follow-up. After each module, you will have a one-on-one coaching.

Once you’ve completed this six-part program, you will join the exclusive Media Insiders Facebook coaching group with twice monthly, live “fix my pitch sessions”; weekly live media tips, quarterly media plan templates and quarterly live group calls. Plus, you will have access to Deborah, Diane and their team (all former journalists)

Diane White spent 20 years working in newsrooms and more than 10 years as a PR consultant, placing clients on media outlets across the country and on national news' shows out outlets. PR and media relations is a marathon, not a sprint. There is no magic bullet. As an assignment editor, a reporter, a producer and an anchor, Diane has maintained and cultivated contacts nationwide. She knows how to craft a pitch, develop story ideas and angles, look for hooks, and overcome objections - and will teach you to do the same.

Diane White
Deborah Sherman

Deborah Sherman is a media strategist and former Investigative Reporter for NBC, ABC and CBS News stations across the country who has been honored with 13 NATAS Emmy awards, three Edward R. Murrow awards and dozens of other local and national accolades. After 15 years of telling stories about people, she will teach you how to tell your story in a meaningful, impactful way that people will remember. She’ll also help you craft your message so that it strikes at the heart of your customers.

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The Media Insiders is your go-to program to get the publicity you deserve for yourself and your company.

If you want the media coverage that has eluded you and you’re tired of playing around and being ignored, then The Media Insiders is the solution. Get noticed and become a Media Insider - without spending thousands of dollars a month.


Make me a Media Insider

The Media Insiders will be a game-changer for you!!

You’ll begin with a 30-minute strategy call to kick off your fast track program. This will be followed by your six modules. Following each lesson, you will have a 20-minute one-on-one coaching call with either Deborah or Diane to review your action items.

Why PR? – Your PR Purpose:
This module will help you determine why you need PR and set specific goals and objectives. You can’t hit ‘send’ on that email pitch before you understand your goals, what you want to achieve and how PR can help your business. Outlining your purpose for PR is step number one.

Perfect Your Story:
Who are you and why are you newsworthy? What expertise will you share when you land the feature of a lifetime? Why will people relate to you? These are all important questions to ask yourself. In module two, you will identify the angles and ideas that will get you noticed.

Crafting Your Pitch:
Your pitch is the first, and often, the only thing that reporters will read. Crafting the right pitch for the right reporter is key. We have real examples that teach you how to grab the reader’s attention. In module three you’ll also receive tips to Help a Reporter Out (HARO) for a straightforward pitching process.

Media Tool Kit:
The press release is NOT dead. Once you get a bite, you need to provide producers and editors with more information, context and data. A press release is one of many tools you need to create for your tool kit. In module four you will receive actual, successful press releases and media one sheets to review.  Due to COVID, virtual interviews are here to stay so we will share best tools to help you look and sound like a media star from your home or office.

Creating the Media List and Building Relationships:
In lesson five, you will learn how to create a media list and build relationships. You’ll learn how to determine who to pitch and how to build a relationship. These are skills that you must have if want to get your name, and the name of your business, out there.

Media Outreach:
The right pitch at the right time is so important and in module six, you will learn exactly when, how and how often to pitch the media. You’ll also see that the fortune is in the follow-up and learn when to give up and try other media.

Once you’ve completed the six modules you will become a member of The Media Insiders Exclusive PR Coaching Group.

  • Membership to The Media Insiders private Facebook group for ongoing coaching, tips and tricks, and real-time conversations and advice (once you’ve completed the modules).
  • Access to The Media Insider tip sheets and content.
  • Quarterly media plan templates – to help you develop a strategy on what to pitch and when.
  • Weekly “Fix my Pitch” sessions live in the group to review and edit your pitches to help you perfect them to get the response you want.
  • Weekly media tips to provide story ideas and tips for pitching media - who to pitch and when.
  • Quarterly LIVE Zoom Q & A sessions to cover hot topics, answer any questions, and get feedback from the group.
  • Access to Deborah, Diane and their team of former journalists.
  • Special pricing for one-on-one coaching calls with Diane or Deborah.
  • Access to other members: other successful small business owners and entrepreneurs.
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Media Insiders client "Just Between Friends" interviewed by Rebecca Jarvis on ABC News.

This program is valued at more than $3000.00.

For a limited time we are offering INSTANT ACCESS to The Media Insiders Coaching Program for just one payment of $997, which includes the first three months of group coaching. This special pricing ends December 31, 2022. Prices increases on January 1, 2023. 

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“By executing Diane’s PR plan and with her coaching us, A New Leaf had more press coverage in one year that is had in its previous 30 years. We had, at a minimum, two stories a month including digital, newspapers and television. My CEO was thrilled and our board of directors was extremely happy with our success. Diane and her team deeply care for their coaching clients. She sees her client’s successes as her successes.” -Kayla Jones
Former Director of Marketing & Business Development in Tulsa, Okla.

“We loved working with Diane. She has helped us immensely to grow our women’s collective that we started in Los Angeles. Because of her, we landed our first TV coverage. Because of her, we have contacts at the best magazines and TV stations here in LA. We are eternally grateful for all she has done. Diane has gone above and beyond.” -Bri Seeley & Thais Guimaraes
Founders, Amplify Collective in Los Angeles


Look, you can keep doing what you have been doing.

Chances are, you will get the same results you’ve been getting. If you’re happy with those results, great! Keep going!

BUT if you are ready to step up and learn the tips and secrets all successful media insiders KNOW to get the media coverage that will make a huge difference in your business, then this program is for you.

And you won’t do this alone. The Media Insiders team will be there with you along the way.

Don’t miss your chance to receive The Media Insiders Fast Track Program at just one payment of $997, which includes the six modules and first three months of group coaching. This group will be limited to only 40 members. The package price will increase to $1147 on January 1, 2023. 

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