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LEAVE WITH A dynamic plan, checklist and TEMPLATE in hand

A crisis can happen at the speed of a tweet.

The flare of anger.

A bolt of lightning.

When it happens, you need to respond now.

That's why you need a crisis communication plan.

It helps protect your reputation, mitigate the loss of revenue, and save property and lives. 






While we don't wish it on anyone, the fact is a negative business review, derogatory social media post, natural disaster, and violent crime can happen to anyone, anytime. Those times call for strong leadership and quick action.
Your business or organization has a responsibility to communicate with customers and stakeholders throughout the event. Handled well, crisis communication can control and contain damage, and in some cases, even enhance your reputation. 
 A reporter calls on a weekend. What do you say? With your dynamic communication plan, checklist, and template, you'll be able to reply quickly and intelligently. You'll know how to work with the media, offer empathy to victims and establish yourself as the trusted source for information and future positive news stories.
An employee or customer posted a negative comment on your social media. It has already gone viral. What do you do? Your crisis plan will give you the steps to address and change the conversation, leverage the publicity, and showcase your commitment to the people impacted. 
 During the training,  you will receive:
  • A checklist for actions to take in a crisis from social media posts to life-threatening situations.
  • Hold statements that are ready to send with clear facts and positive information about your business.
  • Examples of real crisis responses from global companies; the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Tips to work with, not against, the media.
 Deborah is one of the most thorough and professional individuals I've had the privilege to associate with. I would recommend her strongly for public relations, particularly crisis management.
- Jeffrey C. Price, Aviation Security and Safety Expert, Author and Trainer. 
 Our company's growth of over 300 percent since working with Diane is a true testimony of how her support has helped move our company forward. She pushes us to be the best we can be whether it is helping us with our company's messaging or on-air delivery. She works with us until perfection.
-Adrienne Kallweit - Owner, Seeking Sitters Franchise Systems, Inc. 
For a free consultation and quote about media & crisis communication training, email TheMediaInsidersCoaching@gmail.com
or call 303.887.7249.